I've Been Regrowing my Receding Hairline Using 'Hair Follicle Neogenesis' - Hair Follicle Neogenesis
The Key to Hair Regrowth

I’ve Been Regrowing my Receding Hairline Using ‘Hair Follicle Neogenesis’

This page explains the method I’ve been using to gradually regrow my hair. Anyone can do it. Here’s how it works.

I’ve been gradually regrowing my receding hairline using a simple method that anyone can follow. It’s called the Hair Follicle Neogenesis Method.

Hair Follicle Neogenesis before and after photo

Hair follicle neogenesis method progress photos

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    The Hair Follicle Neogenesis Method

    How I grew thousands of completely new hair follicles in my scalp


    In order to generate new hair follicles, first you need to use a micro-needle device, like a Dermaroller (pictured), to create lots of tiny, invisible wounds in your scalp skin. This is the key to generating new hair follicles. Here’s why…

    When a wound is created, there’s a brief ‘window of opportunity’, in which the cells in the wound decide whether to form into skin, or to form into hair follicles.

    Wound induced hair follicle neogenesis

    By introducing the correct ‘growth factors’ to the wound, it’s possible to encourage the cells to develop a brand new hair follicle. This is called ‘hair follicle neogenesis’.

    I explain exactly how to do this in the Hair Follicle Neogenesis Method, which is a downloadable PDF of instructions, showing you exactly how to generate new hair follicles in your scalp.

    The more you perform the method, the more hair follicles you can generate.

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