How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster, Longer and Stronger - Hair Follicle Neogenesis
The Most Powerful Hair Growth Technique in the World

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster, Longer and Stronger

I’m going to show you what I believe is the most powerful technique in the world for making hair grow longer, faster and healthier. And it’s easy…

Most people don’t realize that hair only grows when it’s connected to a blood vessel. Every growing hair is connected to a blood vessel. After several years of growth the hair transitions into the ‘resting phase’ and it disconnects from the blood vessel. And then it falls out.

However, there’s a way to keep all the hairs connected to the blood vessels longer, making the hair stay in the growth phase for longer. As a result, the hair grows longer, healthier and stronger, and hairs shed less often. This means you can grow your hair longer, thicker and stronger.


VEGF: The Key to Growing Longer Hair

VEGF is a growth factor that grows and maintains blood vessels. Mountains of research have proven that increasing scalp VEGF increases hair growth. This is the key to growing longer, healthier hair. By simply increasing scalp VEGF you can prevent hairs from shedding, enabling them to keep growing and growing, longer and longer.


How do you do it?

It’s very simple and very easy to do. Anyone can do it at home at very little cost. Using this technique you can easily maintain your hairs growth phase for longer, not only making your hair grow longer but also thicker and healthier.


Woman using Dermaroller on scalp

All you have to do is use a skincare device called a Dermaroller (pictured) to create tiny, invisible, micro-wounds in your scalp. This causes an increase in blood circulation in your scalp, which intensely nourishes your hair twenty-four hours a day, for several days after you perform the technique. It’s an incredibly powerful way to intensely nourish your hair, without any side effects or on-going costs.

Next, you need to increase growth factors in your scalp to increase hair growth.


In my instructions (below), I’ll show you how to increase the growth factors that make hair grow.

Why you need to do this

Again and again, I’ve been asked the question, “how do I make my hair grow longer”. Many people cannot grow their hair past a certain length and they never will be able to, unless they increase the growth factors required for hair growth and increase scalp blood circulation.

Many people try special shampoos, serums, hair masks, leave-in conditioners and other treatments, hoping they’ll make their hair grow longer. But it’s all a waste of time if you don’t fix the root cause of the problem. You could spend years trying different products that claim to make hair grow longer and all you’ll do is waste your time and money.

I’ve been a hair loss researcher for twenty years. What I don’t know about hair growth isn’t worth knowing. And I can tell you, almost everyone wastes their time trying treatments that barely do anything. If you want to make your hair grow longer you have to use an extremely powerful and long-lasting technique like mine.

Nothing else has the effect of this technique.

Download my instructions


In my instructions, I’ll show you how to increase the growth factors that make hair grow so significantly that the effect on your hair growth will be significant. If you want to make your hair grow longer this is quite simply the best way to do it.

Within weeks you’ll start to see dramatic results. Keep using the method. The more you use it the longer you can grow your hair.

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The Hair Follicle Neogenesis Method

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